Ian Paice Snare Drum Samples (Trigger + Wav Samples)

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Ian Paice Snare Drum Samples (Trigger + Wav Samples) with 7 different microphone settings. 8 velocity layers and up to 12 RR per layer!



The Ian Paice Snare Drum Samples provide an authentic, unprocessed sound to your toolkit.

These samples are recorded with a Pearl Ian Paice signature model steel snare drum, 14×6.5’.

The samples come with 7 different microphone settings for you to mix with. This includes three different top mics, one bottom mic, two types of mono overheads, and one stereo overhead microphone. With this array of options, you have the power to shape your sound across a pretty wide sonic landscape.

The sound of these samples is very detailed, honest, dry, and clean. This gives you a neutral canvas to sculpt the sound to your exact liking. Whether you’re going for a raw, gritty tone or a smooth, polished sound, these samples provide the flexibility you need.

In order to capture the dynamic range and livelyness of the snare drum, we’ve included 8 velocity layers and up to 12 round robins per layer! This ensures that the samples provide a realistic and expressive performance, capturing every nuance of the drum’s sound.

The Ian Paice Snare Drum Samples are delivered in both .wav format and as presets for Steven Slate Trigger 2, offering you maximum flexibility in your music production workflow.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, these samples can add a new level of depth and realism to your tracks. They’re perfect for any genre or style, providing you with a versatile tool for your creative endeavors.


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